Prairie Style Inspired by the Midwest Prairie and characterized by long horizontal lines and masses. The Prairie style was the first uniquely American style of architecture. Organic Architecture The idea that architecture should be suited to its environment and a product of its place, purpose, and time. Path of Discovery Entrances are in inconspicuouslocations so that visitors had to explore, taking in all the visual details, as they tried to figure outhow to get in. Light Screens Rows of glass casement windows and doors with touches of color and bold geometric abstractions unique to each building.

Related Lessons

Research the historical context of Wright’s designs before creating a timeline.

100 minutes


Design / Explore / Interpret

Media Literacy / Social Studies / Visual Arts

Learn about the “total work of art” design philosophy and compare it to Wright’s concept of “organic architecture”. Design an interior room as one cohesive work of art.

120 minutes


Design / Interpret / Look

Language Arts / Media Literacy / Social Studies / Visual Arts

Interpret the Robie House living room as a graphic score. Compose music inspired by architectural images.

120 minutes


Design / Explore / Interpret / Look

Visual Arts

Create a class quilt inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and his love of the earth. This lesson teaches students about how fruits and vegetables grow and examines how community gardens can help address childhood hunger.

135 minutes

3-5 / K-2

Design / Explore / Look

Science / Social Studies / Social-Emotional Learning / Visual Arts

Students model the shapes of Wright’s iconic designs through movement.

60 minutes

3-5 / K-2

Design / Look

Math / Physical Education / Visual Arts