Prairie Style Inspired by the Midwest Prairie and characterized by long horizontal lines and masses. The Prairie style was the first uniquely American style of architecture. Organic Architecture The idea that architecture should be suited to its environment and a product of its place, purpose, and time. Path of Discovery Entrances are in inconspicuouslocations so that visitors had to explore, taking in all the visual details, as they tried to figure outhow to get in. Light Screens Rows of glass casement windows and doors with touches of color and bold geometric abstractions unique to each building.

Related Lessons

Explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s remodeling of the Rookery Light Court and propose new updates for the building.

45 minutes

3-5 / 6-8

Design / Explore / Interpret

Math / Science / Social Studies / Visual Arts

Study and evaluate Frank Lloyd Wright’s Midway Gardens before designing an entertainment center for today’s world.

50 minutes

6-8 / 9-12

Design / Explore / Interpret

Language Arts / Social Studies / Visual Arts

Consider the role of pattern in design and then design a unique pattern for a model community.

100 minutes

3-5 / 6-8 / 9-12

Build / Design / Explore

Media Literacy / Social Studies / Visual Arts

Explore two notable Wright-inspired Prairie style buildings in the Chicago parks system and design an original Prairie style park structure.

100 minutes

6-8 / 9-12

Design / Explore / Interpret

Social Studies / Visual Arts

Create a geometric skylight design.

100 minutes

3-5 / K-2

Build / Design / Look

Math / Visual Arts