Elevation A drawing or perspective that shows the front or side of a building. Hipped Roof A roof made of 4 inclined sides. The sides of the roof are shaped like trapezoids while the ends are triangular. Casement Windows Windows that are hinged on one side and open like a door. Water Table Found between the base of a wall and the foundation. The water table protects the building from groundwater and the foundation from water running down the wall sides. Leaded Glass Decorative windows created with smaller pieces of glass connected by cames. Roman Brick Brick that is longer and thinner in dimension than common brick.
Floor Plan A drawing to scale from above showing the placement of each room. Footprint A drawing or perspective that shows the perimeter of a building from above similar to an aerial view.(See blue lines.) Cantilever A long projecting beam attached at one end like a diving board. Steel Beams Steel beams were used as part of the framework of Robie House and support the large projecting cantilever. (See magenta lines.)

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