The Teaching by Design team has created three interactive timelines that bring historical context to the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright.  With a greater perspective on the events surrounding Wright’s career, we can begin to understand the influences that impacted his philosophy and work. Below you’ll find a general timeline of Wright’s life and career, a timeline of his work in context with major events from American history, and a timeline that puts Wright’s work in context with other art historical movements. Our hope is that these timelines act as a resource for both educators and students as they explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s career and his lasting influence on American architecture and design.

To scroll through this interactive timeline, please click on the timeline window and drag left, right, up, or down. You can also use the (+) or (-) tool to zoom in or out, the Full Screen (full screen icon) tool for a larger viewing experience, and the Search (magnifying glass icon) tool to look up a specific event. Click on the individual tabs to learn more about any event or movement!


Frank Lloyd Wright and Major Historical Events


Frank Lloyd Wright and the History of Art